The background

In July 2018, One Church Gloucester held its annual community event #CityFest Bounce at Gloucester Park.

The purpose of the event is to gather the local community for a fun-filled free event of live music, endless family entertainment and a selection of world foods.

The event has ran for a number of years, gradually increasing in capacity and popularity. As such, it was important to recognise that the event needed to keep fresh, changing year upon year.

Why? In their own words..... 'One Church has a heart to serve Gloucester to help make a difference across our city'.

What we did

The venue. A vast but architecturally sympathetic open green space with various entrances into the park with limited facilities. No power is available onsite, no running water and no toilet facilities.

Fortunately, with 25 years’ event management experience, we knew what to do. Quickly establishing communication with the clients team, working together to establish each others roles and requirements – we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

With both teams working closely together:

  • Scouted out the venue, its gains and any potential limitations
  • Organised independent power sources
  • Arranged the necessary risk assessments tailored to both the venue and event demographics
  • Took care of the logistics
  • Oversaw the set-up of the event, ensuring that the equipment was arranged as per the client specification
  • Addressed and advised the 200 strong team of volunteers on all aspects of safety and operation of the equipment
  • Carried out 20 point digital safety inspection of all equipment and monitored performance continuously throughout the event
  • Provided all family entertainment equipment including Simulators, Obstacle Course, Bouncy Castles, Inflatable Games, Generators, Crowd Control Barriers and more
  • Provided logistics and production support before, during, and after the One Church #CityFest Bounce, working hard to ensure that project was a success, and followed the agreed timescales and budget.

So, how well did One Church #CityFest Bounce do?

How good was it?? It was AWESOME!!

Had a fantastic day. My little boy absolutely loved it, particularly the donkeys. Well planned and lots of security. Thank you.

Brilliant day... thank you

Thank you all so much for a wonderful day today

We had a lovely time...thanks so much to all involved

Was great and my kids really loved it

Thank you so so much! My family have had an absolute brilliant day!!!!! Perfect day to spend time with family and friends whilst having fun and enjoying life

You're all doing an amazing job out there today! We had fun, thanks so much. See you next Sunday for service

Lovely safe atmosphere for the family!

Summer fetes are a brilliant way to raise funds for your local school, nursery or play centre. Here’s our ultimate guide to hosting an event to remember.

We’ve got tips on how to get started in our blog Organising a Summer Fete, here we touch upon the legalities including what insurances and licenses you need - along with the potential pitfalls that need your consideration;

Often we find, PTA organisation's are subject to budget constraints that can force you to consider that a discounted product or donated product an attractive proposition. Whilst you may consider yourself lucky if you've managed to find a supplier to meet this requirement there are some red flags that you must consider. Namely a bonafide business will have its initial outlay just like any other business. To keep this business legal and meet its obligations, they may need to meet National Minimum Wage, insurances obligations (both Public Liability and Transportation insurance), training, equipment safety testing and VAT to name a few.

We often hear "A friend of a friend will lend us a Bouncy Castle" which sounds great from the offset however more and more we witness non commercial products (thus non complaint) from a toy store that will not have undergone a safety test under commercial standard and will not (or can not) hold any commercial merit where insurance in concerned. Other scenario's could be a newly started business and whilst we always encourage innovation within the industry, it is all too often that such individuals trade before meeting their safety obligations such as training and safety testing.

Lets consider the potential outcomes...

Best case scenario your product is not fit for purpose or your supplier lets you down. A major headache right? wrong, everyone is safe and there's always next year. You'll probably frantically try to find another supplier but take our word for it, during peak season its incredibly unlikely.

The other consideration is the worst possible scenario... The equipment is delivered, a guest has an accident but the equipment is not covered by insurance or does have insurance but doesn't meet the insurers requirement and this will leave your PTA organisation with a potentially liable situation.

We've discussed the pitfalls, but how can you avoid them?

Its in fact, very easy to have good quality, safe entertainment products at your event for a fair price but you need to know what to look for. The BBC recently published a helpful, non jargon checklist that you may have seen on social media. The Health & Safety Executive have also published an minimum requirement standard for suppliers.

Here's our top tips.

  • Check that the inflatable* holds a valid safety check certificate bearing either the PIPA or RPII accreditation.
  • Check that the supplier you use holds the relevant insurances. This should include but not limited to, Public Liability (£10 million is the preferred limit and recommend that you check with your supplier their level of cover), Employers Liability and vehicle insurance.
  • Check that the supplier is competent to carry out installation in accordance to the Health & Safety requirement and industry led standard. The easiest way to ascertain this is to check the register of RPII trained operators here
  • Obtain references or recommendations. This should never replace the above however any potential supplier should showcase their previous work on their website or be able to provide credible recommendations.
  • Upon confirming a booking, request the suppliers risk assessments, insurance certificate and test certificates for the products hired. Ensure that you have possession of these documents in advance of your event and you may need these for your own planning or if any incident occurs.

*To check a test on an inflatable that is covered by the European Standard, this is an inflatable that is bounced or slid on by a child. You can check the test status here some inflatables like Gladiator Joust, Bungee Run and action games are not covered on the PIPA scheme at present but there are discussions in including them. Test certificates for these items can be supplied by a manufacturer or registered tester but check they are from an indemnified source, and also do not be afraid to contact the tester to check that they have actually issued the documentation, they will be more than happy to advise the credibility of the documents.

HSE have just issued new guidance on inflatables and this can be found here:

The team here at AirMaxxEvents hold all of the above as standard and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have, regardless whether you hold a booking with us or not.

The background

In September 2018, The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X enlisted the help of AirMaxxEvents to support their campaign sponsored by Subway and NFL.

THE GUNGE TANK. Want to see Chris or Dom get Gunged?

What we did

The Gunging session was to be podcasted to a live audience whilst the Breakfast Show was to be broadcasted live. Therefore the Gunging was to take place in a working Central London recording studio Global Radio. Due to the nature of a live radio broadcast, every aspect of our involvement was to be time critical including install and executing the Gunging, there was no contingency for logistical delay.

Fortunately, with 25 years’ event management experience, we knew what to do. Quickly establishing communication with the clients team, working together to establish each others roles and requirements – we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

The background

Summers Holiday 2018, fans of DREAMWORKS Trolls will be able to join their favourite Trolls Characters on board the Trolls Truck, as it heads round the country on a retail tour.

The 17 meter Trolls Truck is packed with Hair-rific activities for kids to explore.

What we did

Poppys Coronation Party followed the very successful Trolls Truck Tour in Summer of 2018.

Our client, Sublime Promotions carried out a Trolls Truck European & Middle Eastern Tour for their clients, DREAMWORKS.

Sublime Promotions organised a spectacular party attended by prize winning families from the Tour.

All equipment provided for this exclusive event needed to be perfectly branded in the DREAMWORKS Trolls theme.

Branding our standard Easy Dunker ensured that the product fitted into the event perfectly.

Jumping Kids
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